Vine: the forgotten platform of content marketing

If you’re a fan of six-second clips on Vine, think again. According to some commentators, they are falling out of favour with brands. Plus we take a look at a new publishing platform

Vine: the forgotten platform

We have hardly mentioned Vine all year. There’s little to say about it these days – aside from wanting to write headlines using the word withering…

Two years ago, though, the Twitter-owned platform was the “big new thing”. Its six-second clips were seen as a visual form of Twitter itself, building on the popularity of Instagram and Pinterest for image-led communications.

Now, many of the top brands have abandoned it. According to Adweek, GE hasn’t published on Vine since January. According to the magazine, the platform is a victim of its own success because Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat have all created similar products. Meanwhile Vine is also blamed for not being geared up for branded communications.

Most likely it is simply social networking fatigue. There are so many platforms for social media managers to cover that if one fails to deliver, they will simply move on to something else that does.

Slack the messaging platform for publishing

And talking about new platforms, Digiday describes how media including the New York Times are using messaging platform Slack to publish stories. Slack is an instant messaging system designed around teams of people. A differentiator is that you can create channels around particular subjects or jobs.

Slack also allows for the integration of RSS and Tweets. And there is Breaking News, an app that lets users pull these feeds directly into their own.

There is no intelligence yet about which brands are using it. However, in the continual hunt for channels it may be worth a look. Note that Stack is a descendent of email, which has a higher engagement rate than any of the social networks.

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