You are not your audience

One of the most obvious mistakes made by content marketers is creating content for the wrong audience. Frequently, a great piece of writing and video is produced. The chief executive likes it, the marketing director loves it and the marketing team love it even more.

And it bombs.

Why? Let’s say you’re selling health products to mums or information about a new Java framework to software engineers. Both these segments have their own design and writing styles. People are familiar with them and familiarity breeds comfort and security, rather than contempt.


Audience understanding is the biggest metric when it comes to increasing content marketing effectiveness. In a survey, 57 per cent of marketers said it was important. The only surprising thing is that 43 per cent think it’s not…

Objectivity is key. If you reckon you’ve produced a great piece of content, then the first thing to do is step back and consider. Are the design and tone right for your customer or target audience? If the answer is no – no matter how good it might be – it is likely to fail.

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